Chess Club News at GMS

Hello classmates at Erle Stanley Gardner Middle School! Im here to tell you all about Chess Club! If you want to join, we have our club every Monday after school at 2:45 to 3:30. We are in room 508 in case you want to join. Just to let you all know, we will not have our club on Monday October 31, 2016, due to the fact that the owner & admin will not be present. We also have more news! Chess Club will be hosting a GMS Chess Tournament! It will be at our regular club time & place, but the date of this event is still in debate. We will post when we have the final date soon, though! The required standards are fairly simple. First of all, you do need to know how to play chess. And second, you need good sportsmanship. The prize will be your very own chess board!!! S0 make sure to think about joining our club and the tournament! Everyone in any grade is welcome, even non-members! If you want to find about something else on this cite, new pages will be added soon, such as a page all about the latest hits in gaming! If you have any questions in particular, you can contact our email! This was Melanie Diaz, and I will see you all soon!                                                                                 Email: chessclubgms@gmail.com